12 Days of Cooperation!

This is the Louisville Community Grocery’s major out reach event for the holidays. Let’s gift in solidarity together!

We’re taking the “12 Days of Christmas” and applying them to 12 different days of teaching, training, activities, gifting, and celebration all tying back to our mission and values.

Our Goal: To bring on at least 500 new owners in the month of December, bringing us to our 800 owner goal by NYE so we can decide on and announce the location of our full-size store at the All-Owner Meeting January 19th, 2021!

Scroll and click each image to RSVP and/or purchase your gifts.

Schedule for Festivities:

Collaboration + Environmentalism: Generative Action

     Christmas tree sale

     Date: December 5th 12-4 at Forage x Koko in Old Lou

Opportunity: Catalyst + Vibrancy Engine

     Sew your own stocking workshop

     Date: Sunday December 6th at 5pm on Zoom

Equity: Alternate Economies

“Beyond DEI in the food system” – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training for owners and food industry (free for owners, $40 for non-owners, facilitated by our leadership)

Date: December 8th at 12pm on Zoom

No Hierarchies: Cooperative Processes

Wreath-making workshop with Bike Co-Op

Date / Place: December 12th @ Falls City Community Bike Works, 1217 Logan St.

Collaboration: Food Systems

Winter tree pruning parties for community gardens

Date: December 13th at Produce Park, located at 30th and Muhammed Ali

Community Service: Impact

     Gifting and food to West End seniors

     Date: December 19th at 2pm

Teamwork: Trustworthy Ventures 

      Holiday gift boxes with activities and local goodies for businesses and employers to buy for their employees with ownerships

      Date: ongoing

Openness + Empathy: Learning

      Interfaith music and inspiration event

      Date: Sunday December 20th at 6pm on Zoom

Commitment: Improving + Iteration

      Date night / couples offering including ownership + a BOGO private session at the Louisville Salt Cave

      Date: ongoing

Healthy Communication: Food Access + Farm Resilience

     Yoga with Shavaun Evans

     Date: December 12th at 10am on Zoom

Common Goals + Deliciousness: Pure, Ethical Products

      Healthy Holiday Food Cooking Demo with Chef Damaris Phillips

      Date: December 14th at 6pm on Zoom

Community: Communitarian Values + Social Ambiance

      Holiday Card Delivery

      Date: ongoing

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