Setting Goals for 2019

GOALS for 2019

Market Research

Prioritize work for membership committee
Have a full understanding of local produce offering over the course of the season with similar price analysis
– Farmers’ Markets, Rainbow Blossom, ValuMarket, Kroger, etc.
Target Audience – create 10 personas of typical customers
– Develop an exercise for April community meeting

Fundraising Committee

Incorporate the co-op
– Fundraising by Feb. 15th
– Hire lawyers and complete work by April
– Submit docs to state in May
– Ownership campaign launch in June
Activate a membership committee
– To start documenting owners
– Campaign manager
– Database that is activated
Launch the ownership campaign
– Co-op owners are owners
– LACE donors are members
– Need membership benefits
– Materials to explain benefits

Community Outreach Committee

Create an ownership campaign
– Set a meeting date for subcommittee (Doug, Lilias, Avalon, Huda)
– Reach out for potential volunteers to join the committee
– Create Ownership Committee to stay in touch with owners once co-op is incorporated
Meet 800 survey goal
– Cassia is going to check about funding to hire a student through the consortium
– Avalon is going to call Molly about owning surveying
– Translating survey
– Events
Create Merchandise

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