Volunteer Opportunities!!

Owner Party Planner

Volunteers can plan a single event, or this could be a regular job

Plan one of our monthly events to meet and recruit new owners, where people can connect over food-could be a catered breakfast, a night at your favorite restaurant, a meet & greet at a local coffee shop, beer and trivia, cornhole, parents’ playdate, a hiking outing, bowling, a house party, cookie exchange, church potluck, or a gathering with an allied organization or business,  etc. Whatever you like to do, or whatever networks you have, bring the Ownership campaign to them to help us meet our goal of 2000 owners.

Database Management for Membership & Ownership

If you have experience working with Salesforce, and you want to help us keep track of our supporters, we could use your help.

  • Add  & update contacts into Salesforce Database
Volunteer Matchmaker
  • Talk with interested volunteers to pair them with tasks
  • Enters volunteer information into the database
  • Keeps in contact with potential volunteers
Social Media Guru
  • Post articles or news on the Loufoodcoop Facebook page each week
  • Add content to our Twitter @loufoodcoop or Instagram: louisvillecommunitygrocery
Ownership team

Share the evolving vision for the co-op with neighbors, media, and community groups around Louisville. We need Marketing expertise and extroverted people!

  • Media/PR- Get interviews, write stories & Op-Eds and Press releases for the different varieties of local media!
  • Go to events and Connect with community members
  • Keep in touch with people via social media, email list, volunteers and newsletter
  • Roll out the ownership campaign to reach our goal of 2000 owners
  • Work with Volunteer Matchmaker  and Owner party planners to organize Ownership recruitment events
Market Research& Real Estate Team
  • Conduct market research interviews to figure out what kinds of products and services that the store will offer
  • Identify value proposition and customer profiles for the grocery business
  • Test product market (pop-up events)
  • Work with professional consultants
  • Explore options for leasing, owning, building new, or remodeling a site
  • Set minimum retail square footage needed to support demographic feasibility
  • Oversee site search and real estate negotiations
  • Negotiate a lease or purchase agreement
  • Create a site plan and store design
  • Get approval from the city for the plans
  • Begin the bidding selection process for an architect and building contractors
  • Hire a project manager to oversee constructionafter a site has been selected.
Finance and Fundraising Team:

This committee is responsible for identifying the best mechanisms to raise and organize capital

  • Identifying grants and submitting proposals
  • Identifying donation opportunities
  • Understanding and managing capital needed for launching the store, hiring employees, stocking inventory
Board Member for LACE (non-profit) or Louisville Community Grocery (co-op)
LACE supports the organizing and plays an important role in fundraising Cooperative owners elect board members to oversee the launch of the grocery store
  • Elections happen at the Annual Meeting, October 15th
  • The board of directors act as trustees on behalf of the owners, monitoring finances, making sure that the co-op follows its bylaws, policies, and appropriate regulations. This includes nominating a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer to organize and coordinate the work.
  • Ensure sound management of the co-op. The board is responsible for hiring and supervising the management of the co-op.

Interested in any of these opportunities?

Email us: [email protected]

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