Volunteer Opportunities!!


Grocery Survey Crew:

Tasks Include:

  • Attends neighborhood events to talk with residents and conduct surveys in Portland, Russell, Smoketown/Shelby Park, Shawnee.
  • Knocks on doors to conduct surveys
  • Trains new volunteers on how to engage in survey conversations
  • Takes notes, enter paper survey data into the computer

Video Production Volunteer:

Tasks Include:

Records footage or Produces a video to tell our story to recruit owners! Videos may also train volunteers in surveying, outreach and database entry.


Tasks include:

  • Adds new contacts into Salesforce Database
  • Updates contacts in the LACE database
  • Enters LACE donations/Grocery Ownerships into the database

Volunteer Matchmaker

Tasks Include:

  • Talks with interested volunteers to pair them with tasks
  • Enters volunteer information into the LACE database
  • Keeps in contact with potential volunteers

Owner Party Planner

Volunteers can plan one event, one time only, or this could be a regular job

Plan one of our monthly events to meet new owners, where people can connect over food-could be a catered breakfast, a night at your favorite restaurant, a meet & greet at a local coffee shop, beer, and trivia, cornhole, parents’ playdate, bowling, a house party, cookie exchange, church potluck, or a gathering with an allied organization or business etc.

Social Media Guru

Connect with:

  • Posts 3 or 4 articles or related posts on LCG Facebook Page each week
  • Identifies other relevant social media outlets and begins adding content

Community Outreach/ Ownership team

This committee will be sharing the evolving vision for the co-op with neighbors, media, and community groups around Louisville. We need Marketing expertise and extroverted people!

  • Media/PR- Get interviews, write stories & Op-Eds and Press releases for the different varieties of local media!
  • Go to events and Connect with community members
  • Conduct with one-on-one conversation and surveying through Shawnee, Portland, Russell, Shelby Park, and Smoketown.
  • Keep in touch with people via social media, email list, volunteers and newsletter
  • Designing and implementing the ownership campaign
  • Working with Volunteer Wrangler to organize Ownership recruitment events/ opportunities

Market Research& Real Estate Team

Tasks Include:

  • Conduct market research interviews (“customer discovery”) to figure out what kinds of products and services that the store will offer!
  • Identify value proposition and customer profiles for the grocery business
  • Test product market (pop-up events)
  • Comision a professional location and site analyst  with expertise in food co-op development to research the best place in your area for a retail co-op
  • Explore options for leasing, owning, building new, or remodeling a site
  • Set minimum retail square footage needed to support demographic feasibility


  • Chose one or two people to handle site search and real estate negotiations
  • Negotiate a lease or purchase agreement
  • Create an initial site plan and store design
  • Get preliminary approval from the city for the plans
  • Begin the bidding selection process for an architect and building contractors
  • Hire a project manager to oversee implementation after a site has been selected.

Finance and Fundraising Team:

This committee is responsible for identifying the best mechanisms to raise and organize capital.

Tasks include:

  • Identifying grants and submitting proposals
  • Identifying donation opportunities
  • Understanding and managing capital needed for launching the store, hiring employees, stocking inventory

Board Member for LACE (non-profit or Louisville Community Grocery (co-op)

Cooperative members elect board members to oversee the launch of the grocery store

  • Elections happen at the Annual Meeting, October 15th
  • The board of directors that will act as trustees on behalf of the owners, monitoring finances, making sure that the co-op follows it’s bylaws, policies, and appropriate regulations. This includes nominating a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer to organize and coordinate their work.
  • Ensure sound management of the co-op. The board is responsible for hiring and supervising the management of the co-op.
  • Establish and implement a simple, yet sustainable ownership system, in compliance with local regulations and cooperative by-laws.

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