Words of Wisdom with Delores Banks-Butler

Enjoy a new original poem by Delores Butler, “Why Me Lord.” Welcome to another week, and another edition of Words of Wisdom with Delores Banks-Butler. Delores’ original poetry is inspired by her love of her family and community in Louisville’s West End, as well as her strong Christian faith.

Title:  Why Me Lord (What Shall I Do)

By:  Delores Banks-Butler


Sometimes I wonder Lord

Why these things must be

Why all this pain and sorrow

Is happening to me


When I try

To do the very best that I can

And for you Lord

I’m determined to take a stand


Why me Lord (Why is it me)

Why me Lord (Help me to see)

Why me Lord (Take me through)

Why me Lord

Tell me what shall I

Oh What shall I do


Lord I know you suffered on Calvary’s Cross

To save the sin-sick

You died for the lost

I must die too, to the things of this world

Crucify the flesh

Let the Holy Spirit do the rest


Lord I know you’re make a way

Where there seems to be no way 

You’re gonna open doors for me Jesus 

With your help I know

I’m gonna make it on through


Cause I’m determined to keep the faith

Run this Christian race

Stand for JESUS


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Did you enjoy this original poem by Delores Butler, “Why Me Lord”? Delores was recently featured by Russell Place of Promise hereDelores Butler (Vice President) is a proud Russell Community resident. She realizes the importance of a healthy food store in our West End neighborhoods. She is presently working to achieve knowledge and awareness in our community for the need for healthy eating and nutrition for our neighborhoods. She believes knowledge is power- and we all need one another to accomplish the goal for the people who live in our West End communities. Let us work together to make it happen- We are better together! Delores is a graduate of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth’s 2019 Organizing Academy and  is putting her organizing skills to work for the Co-op. You can hear her voice in our Ownership Video!



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