About Us

In 2015, a group of food justice advocates began exploring the possibility of a cooperative grocery to serve Louisville’s urban neighborhoods. We formed a Steering Committee and working committees to focus our research.

Since 2015, the urban food crisis has worsened.. two small neighborhood grocery stores have closed and four supermarkets have closed that served some of our low- and middle-income neighbors.

(Left, Center for Health Equity, 2016; Right, Erin Hargrove 2016)


In 2016, we talked to hundreds of our neighbors at community meetings & events, while collecting and analyzing data about peoples’ shopping habits. We researched cooperative grocery stores in cities like Louisville, and we captured media attention.

In 2017, we incorporated a non-profit to promote a cooperative grocery for Louisville. We continue our organizing work while raising money to realize the vision of an urban community-owned grocery store!