This Page is for those interested in the migration process to CiviCRM.

CiviCRM is a Customer Relationship Management software.  It allows organizations to house information about constituents (donors, volunteers, board members, LACE members), manage events and fundraising campaigns, among other things.

Why are we doing this?

Simply – to manage our contacts.  As LACE expands, we need our data and planning to be more organized than a google drive.  Excel sheets are unreliable places to store contact information, and do not track historical contact very well.

Our goal is to reduce error in collecting and storing information and to increase

We are currently:

  • Connecting CiviCRM to the food coop’s wordpress site

We will then:

  1. Import member, donor and contact databases
  2. create how-to videos for using the CiviCRM database
  3. provide access to admins and general users
  4. get feedback and reevaluate


Future considerations:

  • Email integration
  • event management
  • volunteer management



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