Steering Committee  >> Association Governing Board

The steering committee is  evolving into the Governing Board for the nonprofit Association promoting the establishment of a cooperative grocery store

  • Research and gather information
  • Conduct a preliminary feasibility study
  • Survey potential members
  • Establish a membership structure
  • Recruit members
  • Explore options for financing
  • Pursue initial inquiries with financing agencies
  • Report on progress to members
  • Hold membership meetings as needed
  • Prepare a business plan
  • Coordinate publicity and public relations concerning the co-op

Governance & Membership

This committee will be determining the co-op membership structure as well as the general governance structure for our cooperative.

  • Establish a board of directors that will act as trustees on behalf of the members, monitoring finances, making sure the co-op follows its bylaws, policies, and appropriate regulations.  This includes nominating a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer to organize and coordinate their work.
  • Ensure sound management of the co-op. The board is responsible for hiring and supervising supervising the co-op’s management.
  • Set long-range goals and plan for the co-op’s future.
  • Establish and implement a simple yet sustainable membership system, in compliance with local regulations and cooperative bylaws.

Finance / Fundraising

This committee is responsible for identifying the best mechanisms to raise and organize capital.

Market Research / Real Estate

  • Commission a professional location and site analyst with expertise in food co-op development to research the best place in your area for a retail co-op.
    • Ideally that support the values of the co-op, including serving the underserved
  • Use the results of your feasibility and market study to learn about needs and shopping patterns of your prospective customers.
  • Explore options for leasing, owning, building new, or remodeling a site.
  • Set minimum retail square footage needed to support demographic feasibility
  • Longer term
    • Choose one or two people to handle site search and real estate negotiations.
    • Negotiate a lease or purchase agreement.
    • Create an initial site plan and store design.
    • Get preliminary approval from the city for the plans.
    • Begin the bidding selection process for an architect and building contractors.
  • Hire a project manager to oversee implementation after a site has been secured.

Community Outreach

This committee shares the evolving vision for the co-op with neighbors, media, and community groups around Louisville. Tasks include:

  • Media / PR- Get interviews, write stories & op-eds and press releases for all kinds of local media
  • Go to events and meet people
  • Distribute the survey widely among potential members & check returns to see if we are reaching our target market , so we know if we are getting useful data
  • Recruit members
  • Manage social media & email list