Delores Butler

Delores Butler (Vice President) is a proud Russell Community resident. She realizes the importance of a healthy food store in our West End neighborhoods. She is presently working to achieve knowledge and awareness in our community for the need for healthy eating and nutrition for our neighborhoods. She believes knowledge is power- and we all need one another to accomplish the goal for the people who live in our West End communities. Let us work together to make it happen- We are better together! Delores is a graduate of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth’s 2019 Organizing Academy and  is putting her organizing skills to work for the Co-op. You can hear her voice in our Ownership Video!

Jeana Dunlap

Jeana DunlapJeana Dunlap is an urbanist, strategist, recovering economist, advisor and facilitator based in Louisville, Kentucky. She was awarded a 2019 Loeb Fellowship at the Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD) where she explored community centered design, urban planning and social impact investment strategies like Opportunity Zones. Jeana’s local government experience includes working on affordable housing finance, public infrastructure and place-based strategies for neighborhood improvement. In 2017 she partnered with local advocacy organizations to facilitate he Redlining Louisville Community Dialogue series that shed light on the history and current impacts of past and present forms of redlining practices. Jeana believes that both changing mindsets and facilitating change through the built environment are paramount to achieving vibrant communities. Her efforts ultimately seek to instill confidence and build greater capacity among those residing within and committed to serving distressed neighborhoods. 

Thomas Wayne Edison

Thomas is an Assistant Professor of Spanish in the Department of Classical and Modern Languages at the University of Louisville where he received his BA and M.A.T. He received his Doctorate from the University of Kentucky in 2002. This former Fulbright Scholar has published numerous articles and presented at numerous national and international conferences. His current area of research is African-Caribbean spirituality in contemporary Latin American narrative and cinema.

Edison is living in his childhood home at 32nd and Garland where he has created an urban homestead in West Louisville. He is into composting, raising chickens, and reducing his carbon footprint.



Amanda Fuller

Amanda FullerAmanda Fuller (Treasurer) came to Louisville from Madison, WI, where she and her husband were members and/or workers at three different food co-ops. In Louisville she has been an active member of the Food in Neighborhoods group since 2009, and operated an urban agriculture and composting non-profit (Breaking New Grounds) for three years. Amanda bought vacant lots in 2013 to start Lots of Food, an urban market garden & orchard in west Louisville. As an Urban Agriculture Coalition member, Amanda has relationships with fellow growers, local restaurants and other produce buyers. She has been growing staple crops of corn, beans and squash with Sustainable Agriculture of Louisville, to educate and build community around local food. Amanda served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Paraguay for three years and holds an MS in Environmental Studies from the UW-Madison. She currently works as the Executive Director of the Kentucky Academy of Science.

Katie Lee Jones


Doug Lowry

Doug LowryDoug Lowry serves as an enspirited teacher, urban farmer, and group facilitator. Passionate about social justice and human need, he has worked as a change agent and board member on numerous civic and nonprofit projects from neighborhoods to LGBTQ fairness and racism, to organizational life, to aging and health care, to not-for-profit excellence, public K-12 education, food security and environmental sustainability. 

After a BA in Philosphy/Psychology he pursued a Master in Divinity at Southern Seminary. Doug is a seminary-trained former hospital administrator and CWA union member who consults in organizational development. He is a current LACE board member. He teaches individuals, organizations, nonprofits, faith communities and businesses about food justice, urban farming, food growing for people and the more than human world and teaches about organizational life with an emphasis on connecting values to action and food to spirituality. As an artist, plant lover, and writer he seeks to add beauty, insight, and meaning along the way.

Shauntrice Martin

Shauntrice Martin is the founder of #FeedtheWest and the CEO of Lnee Research & Development. She has
led diversity & inclusion training sessions in Iceland, Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago, Belize, and across the U.S. Her goal is to offer economic empowerment resources to amplify the wealth of Black families in Louisville. This year, she was awarded the Louisville Business Forty Under 40 award and the Coalition of Black Excellence Impact Award.


Dennisha Rivers

Dennisha Rivers is a mother of three, born and raised in Louisville. She has been a healthcare professional over 20 years and is the founder of an entrepreneur network in Louisville and the founder of Vision of Life Outreach Ministries, a non profit organization that focuses on health and wellness in low income areas in Louisville. The organization also provides services for homeless families and single mother households such as mobile food pantry and clothing assistance.




LuTisha Buckner

LuTisha BucknerLuTisha Buckner (LACE Representative) is dedicated to public and civil service with her years serving as an AmeriCorps Vista Member and working in nonprofits, education, and local government. She envisions a Kentucky that is no longer serving those of interests in the past, but a Kentucky that is progressive, innovative, accepting, and sustainability. She is a graduate of Emerge Kentucky as well, which trains progressive women in Kentucky to run for public office. She is currently the Data Manager for the Kentucky Civic Engagement Table. She works with organizations in Kentucky with voter files and with targeting and identifying voters with MapTheVote, which is a website that finds eligible and unregistered voters in local areas.