Delores Butler

Delores Butler lives in and runs a pre-school tutoring service in the Russell neighborhood. She is a graduate of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth’s 2019 Organizing Academy and she’s been putting her organizing skills to work for the Co-op!

Alisha Deatrick

Alisha DeatrickAlisha Deatrick is a University of Louisville Alumni and is a Louisville native. She’s worked with corporate customers by providing advice and suggestions regarding business cash flow and related products needed to make their jobs more efficient for the past seven years. Professionally, she is most passionate about learning new things and passing that knowledge on to others to help them grow. Working directly with nonprofits to help give solutions to their business challenges allows her to feel like she’s indirectly helping people in the community, by allowing or- ganizations to spend more time focusing on the mission and less time working on issues. Outside of work, Alisha is involved with the “Friends of the Louisville Free Public Library” and being the captain of a USTA Tennis Team. Past involvement includes board positions at “WaterStep” and the “U.S. Green Building Council”. 

Jeana Dunlap

Jeana DunlapJeana Dunlap is an urbanist, strategist, recovering economist, advisor and facilitator based in Louisville, Kentucky. She was awarded a 2019 Loeb Fellowship at the Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD) where she explored community centered design, urban planning and social impact investment strategies like Opportunity Zones. Jeana’s local government experience includes working on affordable housing finance, public infrastructure and place-based strategies for neighborhood improvement. In 2017 she partnered with local advocacy organizations to facilitate he Redlining Louisville Community Dialogue series that shed light on the history and current impacts of past and present forms of redlining practices. Jeana believes that both changing mindsets and facilitating change through the built environment are paramount to achieving vibrant communities. Her efforts ultimately seek to instill confidence and build greater capacity among those residing within and committed to serving distressed neighborhoods. 

Amanda Fuller

Amanda FullerAmanda Fuller came to Louisville from Madison, WI, where she and her husband were members and/or workers at three different food co-ops. In Louisville she has been an active member of the Food in Neighbor- hoods group since 2009, and operated an urban agriculture and com- posting non-profit (Breaking New Grounds) for three years. Amanda bought vacant lots in 2013 to start Lots of Food, an urban market garden & orchard in west Louisville. As an urban grower, Amanda has relation- ships with fellow growers, local restaurants and other produce buyers, and was part of Louisville Grows’ Urban Growers Cooperative for its two seasons. She also advocates for food justice and food sovereignty as a board member of Sustainable Agriculture of Louisville, growing staple crops of corn, beans and squash to educate and build community around local food. Amanda served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Para- guay for three years and holds an MS in Environmental Studies from the UW-Madison. She currently works as the Executive Director of the Kentucky Academy of Science and is a current LACE board member. 

Jamie Huddleston

Jamie HuddlestonJamie Huddleston also known as Yahyah is Louisville’s very own vegan Chef. A vegan 16 years now, she aims to implement healthy organic meals in the homes of the west and abroad. Previously Jamie was a culinary instructor and head chef of Common Table for a year. 

Jamie is a frequent guest chef for New Roots Fresh Stop Markets. Jamie is a holistic entrepreneur specializing in alkaline food, homemade hair and body prod- ucts, as well as homemade jewelry. 

Previously a resident of the Russell neighborhood she is currently a resident of Shawnee neighborhood.

Michael Jackson

Mike JacksonBorn and raised in Louisville, Ky in the Newburg area, he is the owner of Kentucky Greens Co. that was started with the focus to deliver locally grown Greens, packaged lettuce and more to surrounding corner stores and family owned groceries. Since starting the company it has been a task to locate stores willing to carry packaged produce and has made it a mission of his to encourage his fellow entrepreneurs and other organizations to invest in these structures and rebrand the meaning of a corner store. The past few years he has worked with many local chefs, two non profits and one retirement home community to consistently bring them the produce they need. His professional background has over eleven years working in retail management from Auto zone, Lowes, Valvoline and now Lg&e KU currently. Michael believes in community and cooperative economics and that teaching people how to grow food or themselves personally through agriculture is key, “ Pick a career path, and there will be a way agriculture fits into your every day duties.” Says Mike. Mike is ready to represent the community grocery store as a small business owner, employee and board member.

Doug Lowry

Doug LowryDoug Lowry serves as an enspirited teacher, urban farmer, and group facilitator. Passionate about social justice and human need, he has worked as a change agent and board member on numerous civic and nonprofit projects from neighborhoods to LGBTQ fairness and racism, to organizational life, to aging and health care, to not-for-profit excellence, public K-12 education, food security and environmental sustainability. 

After a BA in Philosphy/Psychology he pursued a Master in Divinity at Southern Seminary. Doug is a seminary-trained former hospital administrator and CWA union member who consults in organizational development. He is a current LACE board member. He teaches individuals, organizations, nonprofits, faith communities and businesses about food justice, urban farming, food growing for people and the more than human world and teaches about organizational life with an emphasis on connecting values to action and food to spirituality. As an artist, plant lover, and writer he seeks to add beauty, insight, and meaning along the way.

Kelsey Voit

Kelsey VoitKelsey Voit is a Shelby Park resident and has been involved with the Louisville Community Grocery since 2016, serving on the Market Research and Outreach committees. Voit is passionate about the grocery’s mission and has ample experience with community building, farm policy, and food justice work. Kelsey has worked on several vegetable production farms in the area and grows with the Shelby Park Community Garden, currently serves as the Organizing Director for Community Farm Alliance and the New Roots Harvest Council Chair, and was a former or- ganizer with the Student/Farmworker Alliance. Voit holds a B.S. in Geography with a minor in Social Change from the University of Louisville. In her free time, Kelsey, likes to ride her bike, make music, cook, and dance with friends.