Become a Member-Owner!

We're so excited for you to join us, Dr. M.O. Baba! Here's the confirmation of your Membership: Primary Owner :Dr. M.O. Baba Serikali Additional Household Member #1: Additional Household Member #2: Additional Household Member #3: Address: 358 N 41st Street Louisville KY (530) 727-8835 Purchase(s) Owner-Membership type: Low Income Senior(65+) or Youth: $25 Member offset purchases (if applicable): Not today, thanks! Total Cost: $25.00  


Are you able to make a larger investment to accelerate our store opening? We’re raising $1 million from our owners who would like to offer us a loan of $2000 or more.

Email us if you want to find out about making an owner loan.

Member Owner Agreement (pdf) to Print and Mail if you prefer

 Articles of Incorporation June 2019

Louisville Community Grocery LCA Bylaws August 2019