Raise Funds

What kind of funds do we need to open this store? Find out more in our slide show  (September 2020)

One way to support the Louisville Community Grocery initiative is to host a fundraiser. Reaching our goal and opening a community-owned grocery store requires capital from a variety of sources. We would love to have you contribute to our mission.

Start by filling out the form to let us know you are interested. We will then connect with you to determine how we can help you make this a successful fundraiser. Whether you’re an individual or an organization of people, you can make an impact!

Fundraising ideas:

    • Host a bake sale

    • Organize a community yard sale

    • Host a concert

    • Host a marathon, 5k, or tournament

    • Host a game night

    • Start an online fundraiser

    • Organize a raffle or auction

    • Host a cook-off

    • And so much more – simply use the talents you/your organization have!


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