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We are on a mission to open the Louisville Community Grocery, Louisville’s first community-owned grocery store. We believe everyone should have access to fresh and healthy food, in a space that is welcoming to all.

We believe access to healthy food is a human right and our communities’ self-reliance in providing for our food needs is essential. Many of Louisville’s urban neighborhoods experience food insecurity, and we hope to address this issue through community ownership, job creation, and commitment to community health.

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We are currently administering a survey to learn more about the shopping habits and needs of the residents of our community, Take our survey and make your voice heard!

Louisville Food Cooperative Mission

What is a cooperative grocery store?

Cooperatives are businesses voluntarily owned and governed by the community they serve. Our mission is to open a cooperative grocery store that is owned and run by the community. 

Everyone in the community will be welcome at the grocery store, but its operations will be governed by the member-owners and they will reap benefits for investing in their community.

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Love the mission of the Louisville Community Grocery? You can help us make it a reality! From volunteering to raising support, we need your involvement. Use your special skills and strengths to help us open the Louisville Community Grocery.

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