photo of enthusiasts of Louisville Food Coop
Next Monthly Ownership Gathering is Tuesday, March 13, at 5:30 pm at Joshua Tabernacle Church, 426 S 15th St, Louisville, KY 40203. Feel free to bring a dish to share! Child care will be available

In March, we’ll be sharing results of a vote  to prioritize neighborhoods, and we’ll be continuing  with the decision-making. This time we’ll be making decisions about about ownership Namely:

  • Will the cooperative grocery store be consumer-owned, worker-owned, or both?
  • What will it cost to become an owner of the store (and what kind of payment options can we offer)?

For some documents & reports relating to these questions, check out the

(check out our other committee pages too for lots of notes & goodies)

Our “Ownership Gatherings” are on the second Tuesday of the month. All  are welcome.

Supporters of this initiative can become a member of  LACE (Louisville Association for Community Economics) for the sole purpose of supporting the establishment of the Louisville Food Cooperative! Check back soon for a link to become a member and support the organizing with your financial contribution.

The LACE Board of Directors meets monthly at the Main Library. We are seeking candidates to run for the board, especially folks representing our six neighborhoods of interest: Shawnee, Old Louisville, Russell, Parkland, and Smoketown /Shelby Park.